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At Business Fashion Academy, we strive for nothing less than excellence. We believe that the quality of our education and the professional development of our students are of paramount importance. Therefore, we are committed to maintaining a high level of quality in all our activities.


We have a team of highly qualified teachers and professionals from the fashion industry. Our teachers not only bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, but they are also passionate about guiding and inspiring students. They are aware of the latest trends and developments in the fashion industry and apply their expertise in teaching.

In addition, we set high standards for our teaching materials and curriculum. We ensure that our programs are relevant and aligned with the needs of the fashion industry. Our teaching materials are up-to-date and provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills to be successful in their careers.

At BFA, quality is number one. We want the best for the hard-working student. 

From the best teaching method to the top fashion professional; in all aspects within education, BFA has continuously thought from quality. Therefore, this is one of our core values. 

For example, the teaching method was compiled by top entrepreneur and international fashion designer Zeynep Dag.

She has used theory and all her practical experiences to put together a teaching method that ensures you get all the aspects within fashion and business that you need. Zeynep Dag was voted entrepreneur of the year in 2018.


The instructors at BFA were chosen through a rigorous selection process. For example, styling instructor Kim Keizer is a top professional who works with artists such as Khloe Kardashian. Top fashion expert Stella Verdult has been the creative assistant for Lacoste, among others, and she has also worked for ZARA. 

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The BFA student receives a total package of fashion and business classes during the program and this enables them to make great strides in a short period of time. 

Personal guidance is paramount during the study and this ensures that you can tackle everything as quickly as possible and develop yourself strongly. As a result, students are able to produce top-quality work in a short period of time. 

The BFA student also receives discipline and mentality training, which not only allows you to develop your fashion skills, but also your personal qualities to really get started in the fashion world.

Through business classes taught by top entrepreneurs, BFA teaches students how to combine fashion and business. 


At BFA, as the only fashion education in the Netherlands, you get to work with really your passion. Jewelry, lingerie, sunglasses, shoes, clothing, etc. Everything is possible at BFA. 

We believe that you can be successful if you can be who you want to be and do the things you truly love.

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