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The Teachers


At Business Fashion Academy, we understand that the quality of education strongly depends on the teachers in the classroom. Therefore, we take pride in having a team of inspiring and experienced instructors who are passionate about fashion and dedicated to guiding you on your journey to success in the fashion industry.

Our teachers are not only experts in their fields but also bring a wealth of practical experience with them. They have worked with renowned fashion brands, launched their own fashion labels, worked as stylists, and have extensive experience in marketing, branding, retail, and other aspects of the fashion industry. This valuable experience enables them to share the latest trends and developments in the field and provide you with a deeper understanding of the practical application of the curriculum.

Our instructors not only impart knowledge but also serve as mentors and role models. They understand the challenges and opportunities you face as a student and are there to support you both professionally and personally. They encourage you to express your creativity, develop your own style, and let your unique voice be heard in the fashion industry.

At Business Fashion Academy, we place great importance on the quality of our education, and our teachers play an essential role in that regard. We are proud to have a team of talented, inspiring, and dedicated instructors who are ready to guide you on your journey to success in the fashion business.

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